Responses to “An Open Letter to India’s Graduating Classes”

Dear Author(s) ,

Since you have taken precarious pains and agony of relating to the pathetic and vulnerable condition of Indian graduating masses , I must out rightly admit I share my disappointment with you on this issue .

However as you have conveniently digressed from the issue and offloaded the entire onus on the budding generation or the Indian Graduating classes I want you to ponder over the following things and oblige me if you may with a reply . As I am a fresher and not experienced enough to write erudite volumes or understand the matter in as much depth I might even consider very well if you don’t reply to the same .

My observations and reflections on your article are as following,

  • You have used the pictures with citations IIM – Bangalore , Hinduja College of Commerce – Mumbai and St Xavier College – Mumbai   at two places  and without citations/disclaimers that there pictures are only for illustrative purposes . It is only in India that people accept and welcome even criticism of people whom they even remotely think of great stature with respect and learning that they forget that the above two illustrations could have called for class action or defamation lawsuit had it been the case in US or had it been the case in India for an arrogant student .For reasons that could have been ample of which one could have been damage to the global reputation of the institutes and students enrolled there in.
  •  As a rule people don’t trust authority until they have attained it or have been elected/nominated for the same . Also the disclaimer ; “The author is a partner with KPMG, and these are his personal views.” ruins the mood of the open letter that sets to assert the author as the representative of the Employers in India. So I am writing on behalf of Indian ignorant students who will not do anything in life according to the naysayers .

Disclaimers : All views are expressed therein are of the author alone and none of his affiliations thereof .

  • “We are the givers of your paycheck, of the brand name you covet, of the references you will rely on for years to come and of the training that will shape your professional path.” – Of all the greatness/lowliness we would attribute to the work or deliverables we believe in the colonial mindset that there are following relationships giver – some entity we fail to recognize and understand since we are the givers , The coveted brand name – and the blessed souls who did nothing on their part to distinguish themselves from the deadening and deafening competitions to deserve this , the references- who did not make a good appraisal for themselves on the name of unspoken sacrifices – personal/emotional/professional and only to be treated as bosses bitch and ruined in future jobs if you dare stray on step outside the set traditions(ego/red tape /corruption),  trainings – of having decided or forsaken his ideas to be subservient to the decision deemed fit by the boss on charting the training and so called development(often based and biased on the profit or appraisal of the one who dictates it and has no so ever relation with the best suited career /training for the trainee.)The terms for deciding the training and growth of the resources as if as infant has been conferred the title of Picasso and it out to manifest his masterpiece by coercing training on the subject .


  • Millions of you have recently graduated or will graduate over the next few weeks. Many of you are probably feeling quite proud – you’ve landed your first job, discussions around salaries and job titles are over, and you’re ready to contribute.


Millions of us have graduated but you have gone to places that you deem are correct sanctuaries for brain hunting and only after the rosy and promising life shown to us on paper of which no real relations exits .The first job granted to us at unearthly salaries for India translated currency and have no relation to the actual quality of life,  have motivated the generations and their parent to crack the system , we are best at that –refer to coaching factories in Delhi , Kota , Hyderabad and so on . An right now you must know better as the research agencies as good as AC Nielson (Which publishes the results for a Delhi based IIT JEE coaching market leader ),KPMG , etc have great data .  Similarly for  every competitive exams or the employers like you fish their prey from . The ones who fail to comply to the rigors of rote learning and unintelligible coaching , or risking their adolescences and teen days are left out to the places where my dear employers don’t go fishing . Moreover of wasted teenage or adulthood preparing for exams dealing in a 99 % world (Did you hear a XII standard student secured 99 in CBSE) where 18 hours a day of study is a norm in teen days and slogging more than 16 hours a day for the So-Called MNC employed  , with whatsoever no respect for individuality , human values , core ethics and roots . Either you fall in the line or you must fall out . Most people take in liabilities in the midst , loans of education, care for parents , nuclear families (your greed for SEZ and tax breaks make it difficult to stay in homeland and with old rudimentary dependent parents ) , married ones get a spouse (which is again a problem , since the scale of employment in SEZ , push up the inflation of everything by a factor of 10) so they can’t afford to fallout .


Only to have a cramped development of my dear reading and graduating masses. Left with no emotional attention in adolescence , cramped job and city life unlike old Govt Sector and PSU township style development . Drawing huge salaries only to live more cramped and crumbled . Occasionally taking vacations or huge splurge to manifest the inner desire to be happy and make up the cramped living .In sort trying to addict themselves to consumerism and learning to derive pleasure in it .So college offer the safe haven .The professors like the managers and employers of big brand think no less of themselves of having a great hand in shaping the future . Of all the greatness of all the offices  , if only people could realize the love of doing rather that the divine powers to make or break the career destiny of a new suckling infant that had been handed over to them after mayhem of selection processes.

Oh sorry I digressed .. my though take a little deeper dive … excuse me for that .


  • Life is good – except that it’s not. Not for us, your employers, at least. Most of your contributions will be substandard and lack ambition, frustrating and of limited productivity. We are gearing ourselves up for broken promises and unmet expectations. Sorry to be the messenger of bad news.

Since you have already formed the opinion of you berated musings that cry the substandard contributions , my kind take a look and try to observe let should we do something that could break the fragile world of ours .And then supplement it with hard-work instead of having been guided just for once to break this vicious chain . So we put in un earthly hours to do the thing the blacksmith’s way where in your guidance and support could have made us to do it goldsmith way and we could have taken this learning forward to have improved generations . But as they say cat must never teach the tiger to climb the tree. Probably I don’t blame you my dear employers .Of limited productivity because as the systems are changing at the electronic speed we the young armed with the new knowledge and information don’t fit in the archaic and obsolete practices you have so instead of offending the mighty practices we try to fit in . Read google , fb , yahoo hiring talent by acquiring and then killing them by trying to align them.


  • Today, we regret to inform you that you are spoiled. You are spoiled by the “India growth story”; by an illusion that the Indian education system is capable of producing the talent that we, your companies, most crave; by the imbalance of demand and supply for real talent; by the deceleration of economic growth in the mature West; and by the law of large numbers in India, which creates pockets of highly skilled people who are justly feted but ultimately make up less than 10 percent of all of you.


Yes, we are happy to know the frustration you are having to declaring to us that the cost of acquiring us is going very high and the cost to prevent our attrition is equally going up and worse still the corporate poaching make you seem like a penniless pauper to let go than sit on auction rounds. We are happy to know we are spoilt. We are happy to know that despite being the best brains of our country we never matched up to Stanford , MIT , Harvard or there likes in innovation or startups or entrepreneurship , because we sold our brains to your fat pays even when we were engineers we became financial analyst at your company and your company only paid because we survived and kill our peers in mayhems of selections. Why cry now then. We know that you all MNC have started abnormally started scaling up in India only to be sweat shops and feed factories of new morder neo-intellectual imperialism given the demographic advantage we would have for next 40 years .


  • So why this letter, and why should you read on? Well, because based on collective experience of hiring and developing young people like you over the years, some truths have become apparent. This is a guide for you and the 15- to 20-year-olds following in your footsteps – the next productive generation of our country. Read on to understand what your employers really want and how your ability to match these wants can enrich you professionally.


If I were developed following your guide I would have created value for India in India and would have mentored the generations there off . I would have written a series in the Hindu or even TOI and not for NY Times where in the mass of Indian youth hardly had any access .  


  • There are five key attributes employers typically seek and, in fact, will value more and more in the future. Unfortunately, these are often lacking in you and your colleagues.

I would like to do nothing with the five attributes that employ me . I would rather like to know one attribute that would help me creating something like Apple or Microsoft in India


1.        You speak and write English fluently :


I do accept we need to speak/write English effectively and but which English ? The English practiced in India is of Standard English-East Midland Dialect . The English I suppose being asked of your blog is “General American”. Did you know it is for the love of being able to speak proper English and must confirm to English standards we could never had a standardized English from India. Did you know that Afrikaans have a standardized English and people all over the world are able to understand it ? Did you realize that if you are to build my dear future generations you should have asked more than to conform comply or fall in line ? Did you ever think that what an American does to his kid  ? He takes him to basketball match, baseball match and spends time with him. Did you know what your employees do ? They put them into preparatory school first , they always ask them to come first , they see the little idols , they idolize and glamorize the super achiever and media glamourizes them . They push them to believe that it is what they should become rather than innovators , thinkers , playing with soil or being one with the country . Did you know that every kid in class 10 (senior secondary ) is being put to coaching for IIT –JEE or post 12(high school ) entrance exams . Whereas their counter parts in US have a psychometrically balanced test are more interested in prom dates and living life rather than making them stand out when the employers such as you come in . Did you know most engineering and under graduates have enrolled for MBA entrances so that they get into the colleges that bring in great companies that could perhaps pay them well for the borrowed great Indian aka American dream instilled by you since you can’t officially feed opium to them .  


2.       You are good at problem solving, thinking outside the box, seeking new ways of doing things:


How good are you at receiving is equally and sometimes more important than my contributing and giving . I can’t risk my daily thought energy into convincing you .

My newer ways to do things will not fall into your process and only at times of emergency where you have backed out completely and asked me to take over the ills . I can apply and execute freely . If I come out successful media shall coronate me . Else I had already decided to be the scape goat . When you work here your individualism takes precedence over your spirit to build a team . Teams are built on principles of equality and learning. It is absolutely false idea that you can’t learn from your juniors or your team . If only you were open to learning or the team you could see sparks of innovation , some occasional utterances of freedom . We but generations and design have been conditioned and forced to comply and submit and unless you encourage this, pull the threads of the creativity you would never see the light of the day to these ever coming.


3.       You ask questions, engage deeply and question hierarchy,

4.       You take responsibility for your career and for your learning and invest in new skills


For most of the work take place in office that depends on verbal and mutual communication and the written communication is considered as a legal speech and non-repudiate speech . It might perhaps be the communicator himself in the square zero . And yes I admit honestly here that sometimes we could have called and spoken but you never made the office that comfortable .


I have seen people pee in their pants and eyes being raised and managers being uncomfortable due to this . Try to teach them what is right and not what is favorable. Because you are the employer and a common man has a lot to risk , he can put his parents on street and wife in hut for he rubbed the speaker with uncomfortable questions . If you ask for engagement be prepared for uncomfortable questions , in fact plant your people to ask them first and then let the volley begin . No one will even come to you in person to risk his career and nor in any matters of written  . Most people have responsibilities they can risk it all . If you can’t confer them anonymity forget about it .


For the training you designed and developed make sure is it what looks candy coated for your corporate leaders deemed fit for the resources or is it really worth . Do they have a background or what should be the homework they need to do . In a greatly competitive environment where they have slogged their entire youth for your job and salary . They would not think twice before putting their soul or even their wallets out for something that would make them more market relevant and competitive in open market .


If you still have a problem in the same it is a management problem you could take it up as a real time management problem and think of ingenious ways to solve it . What worked in stone age might not work every time or every where. It might be just colossal waste of time to try to solve it that way .



5.       You are professional and ethical: Everyone loves to be considered a professional.


Now this is a problem of integrity .So managers for the matter of fact encourage the blatant exploitation of the naïve fresher blood asking them to work inhumane 16-18 hours a day and weekends for free on the pretext of learning working or coming to terms to corporate .Instead they are actually working as Guinean pigs due to managers/employers overaggressive estimates to the client . And so they are not mistaken when they realize the system and jump to a better place where they know the tricks of the trade . And I have hardly come across and employer who rewarded an employee of his deserving performance but rather they shower praises and heaps blessings only on the bootlickers and the extortionist with another job offer . Being ethical then should allow charging actuals , actual bills petrol or kind , actual cancelled leaves /rescheduled reimbursement. Because the law is not a highly paid profession in India unlike US or Europe doesn’t imply you hands are clean my dear employer . Integrity and honesty should work both ways . Feeling vested in the success of your employer is always the motto but the managers think or people think that it is there happiness lies the prosperity of their company . Instead of shouting lungs out as a process oriented company ultimately they hold and let their individual selves cloud their judgment .


with love

Graduating Idiot Masses of India.